What is The Barre Scene?

This boutique style studio in the heart of Buckhead promotes a healthy balance of working out and hanging out. Former Miami Heat Dancer, Katherine Akra, created The Barre Scene because she was tired of boring and stressful workouts.


With a beautiful dance/fitness room, bar as the front desk

Needing a lively but laid-back environment, Katherine opened the doors to share this concept with others.  The Barre Scene has a welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy. Our Menu of class programs are all beat based, energy driven group classes that are sure to give you results and leave you feeling powerful and stronger. And you won’t be watching the clock in our classes. We keep you entertained while the workout flies by.


This dance based, high energy workout is not your typical Barre class. In this 45 minute, high intensity, interval training class, we use resistance bands, and light weights to achieve that long, lean dancer body. The class flows rhythmically to popular, fast paced songs so clients can keep their heart rates in the fat burning zone. We target major muscle groups, as well as accessory muscles to improve strength, endurance, balance and stability. This class is fun, effective and sweaty! No dance experience needed.


This 45 minute class is a major total body, cardio workout. With the use of weighted hand gloves, Knockout creates an intense upper body workout while creating cardiovascular interval training. Basic boxing moves will be used in this fun, high energy class that's perfect for leaning, toning, and relieving stress!

Barre Brawl

We're blending our two most popular classes for one action packed hour of sweat, cardio, leaning, toning, and stress relief! HIIT the Barre, our non-traditional, athletic style barre class, meets Knockout, our easy to follow basic boxing moves for fitness and therapy! It will leave you feeling strong, powerful and ready to take on your day!


This class is for EVERYONE! No dance experience necessary! Inspired by moves performed by your favorite artists and the Miami nightlife, this class delivers easy to learn combinations that provide a full body workout and an experience unlike any other. Each Vixen Workout creates a fun club atmosphere where women can let loose.

Dance Breakdown

Our specialty choreography class happens just once a month but is perfect for a ladies night! Learn some moves you can use at parties, weddings, events and perform together for a fun form of cardio fitness that totally beats running! Guys and girls invited.  


Bring your baby to the barre! Place your minime in a carrier while you workout, or simply have them by your side. This class will be a great bonding experience while you enjoy a fabulous workout. Just 40 minutes of low intensity to sweat and hangout with your baby at the MiniBarre. Also meet other fabulous MiniBarre Moms! Prenatal welcome as well!


Parking Options: 1) Members can receive monthly VIP Parking for the Paces 325 garage. 2) Meters on all streets. Free on Sundays/Holidays and before 7am on Weekdays. 3) Buckhead Atlanta Garage but we do not validate. 4) Free street parking along Grandview on side of building, please read signs. 5) Complimentary 1 hour parking is located in the 309 Garage on the corner of N Fulton Dr and Buckhead Ave Mon-Fri 7am-7pm. Present your parking ticket at The Barre Scene and receive a validation sticker. *The Barre Scene is not responsible for any tickets, booting and/or towing.*

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